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The bank module is responsible for handling multi-asset coin transfers between accounts and tracking special-case pseudo-transfers which must work differently with particular kinds of accounts (notably delegating/undelegating for vesting accounts). It exposes several interfaces with varying capabilities for secure interaction with other modules which must alter user balances.

In addition, the bank module tracks and provides query support for the total supply of all assets used in the application.

Available Commands

totalThe total command queries the total supply of tokens on chain.
balancesThe balances command queries a specific account balance by address
sendThe send command creates and/or signs and broadcasts a MsgSend transaction.


iond query bank total

iond query bank total

iond query bank balances [address]

iond query bank balances idep1jg3j2daytay2qgf6d3aftdxjwqzhe655z485c2

iond tx bank send [from] [to] [ammount]

iond tx bank send [from_key_or_address] [to_address] [amount] [flags]