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Keys allows you to manage your local tendermint keystore (wallets) for iond.

Available Commands

listThe list command lits all the keys stored by this key manager along with their associated name, type, address and pubkey.
addThe add command lets add an encrypted private key, encrypt it, and save to disk.
deleteThe delete deletes the given key.
importThe import command imports private keys into the local keybase.
exportThe export command exports private keys.
mnemonicThe mnemonic command computes the bip39 mnemonic for some input entropy.
parseThe parse command parses address from hex to bech32 and vice versa.
showThe show command retrieves key information by name or address.


iond keys list [flags]

iond keys list

iond keys add [flags]

iond keys add

You must enter a password that is atleast 8 characters long.


Write down your mnemonic in a safe place! It is the only way to recover your account if you ever forget your password!

iond keys delete key-name [flags]

iond keys delete mainkey

iond keys import keyname keyfile [flags]

iond keys import mainkey examplefile 

iond keys export keyname [flags]

iond keys export mainkey [flags]
iond keys export mainkey --output-file=<path-to-keystore>

iond keys mnemonic [flags]

iond keys mnemonic [flags]

To pass your own entropy, use unsafe-entropy mode.

iond keys mnemonic --unsafe-entropy

iond keys parse [hex-or-bech32-address]

iond keys parse <hex-or-bech32-address> [flags]

iond keys show key-name [flags]


--addressfalseOutput the address only (overrides --output)
--bechThe Bech32 prefix encoding for a key (acc/val/cons)
--deviceOutput the address in a ledger device
--deviceK out of N required signatures
--pubkeyfalseOutput the public key only (overrides --output)
iond keys show mainkey

Get validator address.

iond keys show mainkey --bech val