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Tx allows you to sign or broadcast transactions

txThe show-address command queries a transaction by hash in a block that's been committed.
txsThe show-node-id command searches for transactions that match the exact given events where results are paginated.
signThe show-validator command signs transactions that are generated offline.
broadcastThe broadcast command broadcasts a signed transaction to the IDEP network.
multisignThe multisign command signs the same transaction by multiple accounts.

Available Commands

iond query tx hash

iond query tx 6352278EA34E6CAD7A536BB36A9B12934C6DEEAAAF6D6356522998EF0758A6E2

iond query txs

iond query txs --events 'message.sender=<iaa...>&message.action=xxxx' --page 1 --limit 30

iond tx sign [flags]

Sign transactions in generated offline file. The file created with the --generate-only flag.

iond tx sign <file> [flags]


--appendbooltruetrueAttach a signature to an existing signature.
--frombooltrueKey name for signature.
--offlinebooltrueOffline mode.
--signature-onlybooltruePrint only the generated signature, then exit.
--multisigbooltrueAddress of the multisig account on behalf of which the transaction shall be signed.

iond tx broadcast

iond tx broadcast signed.json --chain-id=Test-Denali

iond tx multisign

Sign a transaction by multiple accounts. The tx could be broadcasted only when the number of signatures meets the multisig-threshold.

iond tx multisign <file> <key-name> <[signature]...> [flags]

Generate an offline tx by multisig key

iond tx bank send <from> <to> 69idep --fees=500idep --chain-id=Test-Denali --from=<multisig-keyname> --generate-only > unsigned.json

Sign the multisig tx

Query the multisig address

iond keys show <multisig-keyname>
Sign the unsigned.json

Assume the multisig-threshold is 2, here we sign the unsigned.json by 2 of the signers

Sign the tx by signer-1:

iond tx sign unsigned.json --from=<signer-keyname-1> --chain-id=Test-Denali --multisig=<multisig-address> --signature-only > signed-1.json

Sign the tx by signer-2:

iond tx sign unsigned.json --from=<signer-keyname-2> --chain-id=Test-Denali --multisig=<multisig-address> --signature-only > signed-2.json
Merge the signatures

Merge all the signatures into signed.json

iond tx multisign --chain-id=Test-Denali unsigned.json <multisig-keyname> signed-1.json signed-2.json > signed.json

Now broadcast the tx the same was as you would a regular one.