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Install required dependencies

Make sure to use unix/unix-like (or wsl on Windows) operating system. IDEP client binary iond installation guide can be found under the "Guides" section.


Rust is required to write and compile smart contracts. You should use rustup, which is a rust installer and version management tool. You can learn how to install it here.

Once rustup is available, make sure you have the wasm32 target.

rustup default stable
cargo version
# If this is lower than 1.58.0, update
rustup update stable

rustup target list --installed
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

You will also need to create two wallets with iond.

iond keys add wallet1
iond keys add wallet2

Also, lets save ourselves some typing later, and define transaction flags right now:

export TXFLAGS=" --chain-id=SanfordNetworkV2 --gas auto --gas-adjustment 10"