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Manual Setup of a new Node

These instructions are for setting up a brand new full node from scratch.

Initialize the node:

iond init <moniker> --chain-id Test-Denali

Note Monikers can contain only ASCII characters. Using Unicode characters is not supported and renders your node unreachable.

By default, the init command creates your ~/.ion directory with subfolders config and data. In the config directory, the most important files for configuration are app.toml and config.toml.

iond keys add <accountname>

Make sure you save your mnemonic in a secure location!

Next make your way to the nodes config directory:

cd ~/.ion/config/

Remove the genesis.json and replace it with the one provided for the network you are trying to connect to.

Start the node

You can now start the node with the following command:

iond start --p2p.persistent_peers=95a7b71ab6ad8fad5f1ed3b49472683adea92cf1@,dc07da4be6ff285a1be2e9501fa92efef248d025@

Note The following example is taken from the testnet Denali, and will be different for mainnet.

Now check the status of your node with:

iond status

You can stop the node at any time using Ctrl+C.