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Branding Guide

Thank you for building your dapp with IDEP. This makes us happy!

Below are some branding guidelines that you can use as reference. We are continuously updating this documentation and would like to work with the community


If you are integrating your app, dapp, or website with IDEP. Please mention our brand with a link to our site.

For example, "Integrated with IDEP", "Built on IDEP" or "Powered by IDEP".


You may use the IDEP Network name and logo in marketing for your app or website as long as you follow the IDEP Network branding guidelines.

  • Don't suggest that there's a partnership or that IDEP endorses your project unless there's an explicit agreement in writing.
  • Don't use the IDEP Network brand repeatedly or as prominent brand in your marketing campaign.
  • If you will be doing significant marketing that includes the IDEP Network logo, please talk to us first.


Our branding resources can be found here

Contact us for further branding or marketing questions at