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Hardware Compliance

Information Regarding SGX Compliance and IDEP Network

This is intended to guide you in selecting SGX compliant hardware for the IDEP Network mainnet Antora.


Intel XEON

Verified compliant processors:

  • CPU: E-2276G, E-2278G, E-2286G, E-2288G, E-2176G, E-2178G, E-2186G, E-2188G

Verified non-compliant processors:

  • CPU: all 3rd generation E-23xxG processors are confirmed not working.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CPU must support SGX via SPS. CPUs that only support SGX via intelME will not work.

List of Processors that Support Intel® Software Guard Extensions

Supermicro Information

Supermicro builds several boards that are mainnet compliant. Here is a current working list, as of May 31, 2021.

  1. Motherboard : X11SCM-F
  1. Motherboard : X11SCM-F
  1. Motherboard : X11SCW-F
  1. Motherboard X11SCZ-F

  2. Motherboard X11SSL-F

Dell Information

  1. Build Dell R240

HP Information

  1. Build HP DL20 G10


  • FreshSCRT
  • secretnodes
  • chainofsecrets
  • Mario