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Helpful commands for validators regarding keys


Generate new keys

You need an account private and public key pair to be able to receive funds, send txs, bond tx, etc.

iond keys add <account_name>

Show all your available keys:

iond keys list

Recover keys with mnemonic seed phrase:

iond keys add <account_name> --recover


Generate new validator keys:

iond tx staking create-validator --amount <amount> --from <accAddress> --pubkey $(iond tendermint show-validator) --commission-rate <rate> --commission-max-rate <rate> --commission-max-change-rate <rate> --min-self-delegation <min-self-delegation-amount> --chain-id Test-Denali

Show your nodes validator consensus address:

iond tendermint show-address

Show your nodes validator pubkey:

iond tendermint show-validator

Show your nodes validator operators address:

iond keys show <key address> --bech val